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Have you ever wondered how to make the money work for you? Have you ever thought of what to do so that you can not count your last remaining coins at the end of the month, but have enough money and then? Have you tried to plan your budget early in the month? Or even at the beginning of the year? Most likely, every person would answer yes to all of these questions. Most likely, every person has even asked these questions more than once. But most likely many people still have not found the solution to all these “tasks”. That is why we at Little Eva want to give you some tips on how to learn to plan your budget and explain what options you have when this task nevertheless turns out to be overwhelming.

Why do not we get the money for the monthly budget?

Why do not we get the money for the monthly budget?

We know that today the world is becoming increasingly commercialized. We are surrounded and continue to surround ourselves with more and more material things. New and new products are emerging everywhere, and traders invent all sorts of ways to convince us to buy them. Unexpectedly, whether because of the need, because of the fashion or simply because we want to have this new item, we buy it. Then we buy the next one, then one more. This is not only with material things but also with non-material things. There are many and varied services available, which one of them is more attractive. We decide to take advantage of them …

Besides, of course, we also have daily, monthly, and so on expenses. And they are the expenses that we know in principle that we will have. We know, for example, that at the beginning of each month we have a budget, from which we have to spend money on electricity, water, heating, Internet, rent and so on. We know for sure that we do not have a full salary for spending the next month, and what remains of it after paying our bills.

After these costs and if we spend more money in order to buy something extra, we can suddenly find ourselves in a situation where we have no money. This is certainly an unpleasant moment for every person. Here always comes the question of what to do to handle the costs until the next salary. Here we come from Little Eva.

What is Little Eva?

Little Eva is a fast-paced company operating on the Bulgarian market by the end of 2013. Little Eva is a trademark of “4Finance” EOOD, a company operating under the auspices of the international company 4finance AS. As part of such a large company, we strive to follow and follow its principles and objectives. It is important for us to provide fast, easy and convenient financial services to our clients and to offer the best possible financial conditions to satisfy consumer demand.


That is precisely why we are emerging in exactly the moments when the salary is over. We know that little additional funds to our monthly budget are always welcome to everyone. Especially when the moment is really urgent, we are ready to cooperate with additional funding.

How does Little Eva apply?


The application process is simplified to allow customers to have fresh funding as soon as they need it. The time from the start of the request to the final response takes up to 15 minutes. In order to apply, it is necessary to enter our website , select the desired amount and time, click on the “Apply” button and complete the registration form.

Once our credit specialists have checked, a final answer is given whether the credit has been approved. Our team works 7 days a week and if you need more information, you can always contact us at 0700 450 10 or at a short number * 4000.

What credits does Little Eva offer?


The credits we offer from Little Eva are fast loans or so-called payday loans. For the first loan, the amount that can be applied for is up to 400 leva. The return period that can be selected is up to 30 days. It is important to know that the first loan to us is free of interest and free of charge. This means that for this first credit customers return just as much as they have received within the return period they have chosen.

If you want to learn more about our credits and the terms we offer, you can read more here .

And how do we plan the unpredictability of our available budget?

And how do we plan the unpredictability of our available budget?

We have already mentioned the costs we usually have during the month. We also mentioned the costs we create because we want to get a new asset or take advantage of a service. And what happens when some unexpected cost occurs? What do we do when we have to spend money that we have not foreseen in our budget for the month?

Everyone was most likely to be in such a situation. Think about the last time you got the balancing account for the heating, and it was a lot higher than expected. Some household appliance is burnt and can not be repaired, but needs to be renewed – familiar, is not it? And when the car breaks and needs to be repaired as you move around with it constantly?


Situations – many, but decisions are not always so many, but there are others that are not always right.

What are the possible options for patching our spending budget?

The option of borrowing money from friends and relatives has always existed and will always exist as a solution. But we know that it is usually inconvenient. The inconvenience is mostly that you will have to ask for money. And then we ask, then they can start talking to us, commenting on what we’re going to use, wanting to get them back sooner than we’ve got, and so on.

The bank withdrawal option is also real. There, however, we should not forget that the procedure is usually slower and the requirements more and our money is needed now.

What is the best solution?

What is the best solution?

Right at this point, the fast loans provided by non-bank financial institutions also appear. Right at this moment, we are also coming from Little Eva. With every such unforeseen cost, we are facing it in order for it to be welcomed without any worries. Applying and getting a loan is an easy and quick procedure . And this is the exact “medicine” that any urgent and unexpected need for money needs. Information is always timely and clear. We strive to be as transparent as possible and offer the best possible and correct service. Customers are always the first and we are at our disposal 7 days a week.

Budget planning on our part is certainly a good thing. However, reliance on spending and preparation for each one is sometimes a challenge. At these moments, Little Eva is always ready to meet and fight them.